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Dáme soláry s.r.o.

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Solar Modul 20w

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Our solar panels are low-profile and durable quietly converting sunlight to energy for decades to come. Integrated hardware and simple design achieve this by securing the panels close to your roof and to each other for a minimal aesthetic.

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Our products are high in demand due to their premium quality and affordable prices. Furthermore, we ensure to timely deliver these products to our clients, through this, we have gained a huge clients base in the market.

Excellent low light performance on cloudy days, mornings and evenings

  • Advanced surface texturing
  • Back surface field
  • Selective emitter

Další informace

Hmotnost 49.6 kg
Rozměry 77.17 × 39.06 × 1.57 cm

Mono Crystalline


20 W

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